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Presentation: Helderberg Photographic Society - 11 October 2017

I will be hosting the upcoming monthly “Review Evening” for the Helderberg Photographic Society. All those in the area are invited to attend :)

Helderberg Photographic Society

11 October 2017


All welcome. No charge.

The agenda starts with a brief introduction to my work and what it means to me. I will also share my photographic journey and how my work over the years has impacted the work I now produce.

I will then be providing critic and advice on images submitted by members, as well as open and facilitate discussion to create a dialog and encourage participation among those present.

The concept around the “Review Evening” is to not only learn from the critic and feedback that I am able to provide, but to also learn from each other. Members submit work that is experimental, or those they feel they would like feedback or advice on. They will also have the opportunity to ask specific questions they may have on their submissions.

I absolutely love the format for the meeting and am so excited for my visit!

I always find that I learn so much from the critiquing process. It is important to learn to constructively critic the work of others, so that one can also learn to constructively critic your own work.

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