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Margherita Introna is a self-taught fine art photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa. She specializes in conceptual fine art portraiture with a surreal and whimsical twist.


Most of her portfolio is self-portraiture as in most instances she prefers to create work that is autobiographical. As much of her inspiration comes from her emotions, self-portraiture is the way in which she honours those emotions. A way to express the heartbreak and sadness, but also to seek and celebrate the moments of great joy.


Margherita chooses to create images in a world from a different and older time, one far more whimsical and fairytale than our own. In doing so, the emotions conveyed are easier to bear.


By including elements such as movement, dramatic skies and vibrant colours, Margherita creates work that is deeply emotional, intense and atmospheric, with a profound feminine connection. Her images are created by blending several of her own photographs together using Photoshop, then adding texture and magic. 

Margherita has participated in a number of exhibitions, both group and solo, over the last few years. These include many locally, as well as internationally in Europe and the USA. She has also curated and hosted a number of group exhibitions, and is the founder of the Deep South Community Art Exhibition, which is an annual event in support of TEARS Animal Rescue. Her work has been featured in various international magazines, on book covers and album cover artwork. Margherita also presents lectures and does photographic critiquing at various photographic societies and creative clubs.


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