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Head or Heart

The constant internal conflict...

Yes or No

Left or Right

Right or Wrong

Stay or Go

On and on... But the internal conflict I struggle with the most:

Head or Heart

Almost every time I create an image there is a massive internal conflict that goes on within me as to whether an image is a good enough, have I got all the necessary pieces, should I bother with it, should I share it, on and on... But my creative journey has almost always been guided by my heart and it has rarely failed me. It is just the many other parts of my life that my heart continues to fail me again and again.

Before and after... As per usual, if you have any questions (about my process, the editing, or anything really), then please send me a message and I will assist.

While I had no real intention of creating a set/series with my recent image, The Science Experiment, I did intentionally keep the colour palette and various elements between the two images the same. I am not sure why yet, but the flow felt right. I guess that was an internal conflict where the heart won...

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