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Loner. Lover. Pawn. Which one are you?

Despite how difficult the emotions are for me behind each of the images in this set, they were surprisingly easy and fun to create...

Photographing a self-portrait with a piece of fabric covering ones face, making it difficult to see and breathe, can be quite the challenge! Yet each of these images have come together far easier than I expected, both while capturing the images and while editing them in Photoshop.

I never intended these to become a series. Initially I created "Lover" as a standalone image. Then "Pawn" followed, making this a set and posing the question: Lover or Pawn? Now during this time of self isolation, a further question has presented itself: Loner, Lover or Pawn?

Have you ever truly known what loneliness is? Do you fear being alone? For some loneliness is freedom. Freedom from being judged. Freedom from being discarded.

I have a feeling that more questions will present themselves and that this series will develop further. What questions does this set of images and the thoughts/emotions behind them, raise for you?

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