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Rise & Fall

Flight, as a symbol for freedom, is a popular and powerful theme that has always inspired artists of many different mediums to create. It felt somewhat fitting that I chose this image to work on from my to-do folder. The birds are free, yet we are the ones that are currently in cages... While we may be "physically caged", it does not mean our minds and hearts also need to be caged. Through art we are as free, or as trapped, as we need/want to be...

Before and after... As per usual, if you have any questions (about my process, the editing, or anything really), then please send me a message and I will assist.

I have wanted to create an image with a sky full of birds for a long time, but I needed the perfect flock of birds to make my vision come to life. A few months back before lockdown, on a recent stock gathering mission, I finally found what I was looking for!

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