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This image was inspired by yet again, painfully realizing the reality of the following equations...

Love = Pain

Sex = Discarded

scared broken vulnerable

hurt used betrayed fragile

shattered into a million pieces

Also inspired in turn by this extract of lyrics...

If you twist and turn away. If you tear yourself in two again. If I could, yes I would If I could, I would let it go. Surrender, dislocate.

If I could throw this lifeless life-line to the wind. Leave this heart of clay, see you walk, walk away Into the night, and through the rain Into the half light and through the flame.

If I could, through myself, set your spirit free I'd lead your heart away, see you break, break away Into the light and to the day.

This desperation, dislocation Separation, condemnation Revelation, in temptation Isolation, desolation

I'm wide awake, I'm wide awake, wide awake

I'm not sleeping.

- Bad, U2

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