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"A place where I can hide."

I am a homebody. I have and always will be a homebody. Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel and I love to spend time in the mountains as much as possible. I love going on road trips, exploring beautiful spaces and going on photographic adventures. But ever since I moved out of my parent's home at age 17, it has always been a massive priority for me to have a home base. I have worked very hard my whole life and given up much to achieve this goal.

I have never been bothered with fancy luxuries, or massive elaborate spaces. My home is small and simple, but warm and cosy, somewhat strange and a little bohemian to most. I love filling it with sentimental objects that inspire me and have a story to tell.

I was away camping in the desert recently when I came across this beautiful bird’s nest on the ground one morning under some trees filled with many such nests. It had obviously blown down after a particularly windy night the day before. It is so beautifully and intricately made that it immediately inspired me to create a story about home...

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