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Artist Portfolio: 2018

2018... I will never be the same again.

This year I created more than I have in a very long time, yet I shared much less work this year. There was a number of reasons for this, but mostly this was because I worked on two different series in the background. One series (that I started in 2017) I am not sure I will ever share as it has been a very personal journey that is still ongoing. The second series will need to breath in my to-do folder for some time before I have the courage to start piecing it together.

For the most part, I created very differently this year to how I have ever created before. Most of the work I shared this year has been more of a studio type style and focused around the "Discarded Series". I wanted the work for this series to be less about Photoshop and manipulation and more about the emotions expressed. I wanted it to be simpler instead of surreal and so kept it very static, but bold in terms of colour.

Even though most of the images I have been sharing are part of the "Discarded Series", I have also been creating work in sets of two (or three) - which is something I started doing in 2017. I really like this way of telling a story and sharing the emotions expressed in this way. Almost in the way a series does, but just more focused. I also really love the way sets display together, thinking further than just the images themselves.

While some of the images I created this year were just images that needed to be created, the rest are pieces I hold very close to my heart. I have created some of my most personal and emotive pieces this year.

- Artist Portfolio 2018 video -

I have had a number of wonderful opportunities this year and taken quite a number of risks. This year has had two major highlights for me. The first was hosting a duo exhibition "Elemental" together with my friend Natasha van Niekerk. The second was receiving the Admired in Africa Fine Art Photographer of the Year 2018 Silver Award. For each of these experiences I am very honoured and grateful. Each has pushed and taught me so much in very different ways...

- 2013 to 2018 -

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