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Exhibition: Ethereal

I love how wonderfully connected the world can be at times… Earlier this year I took part in the exhibition “Beneath the Surface” in Orlando, Florida USA. A curator from Italy saw our exhibition in the USA and invited a selection of our pieces to be part of an exhibition in Paris, France!

Inspired by Jacques Prévert's poem Démons et Merveilles, the upcoming exhibition "Ethereal" will be held in Paris from 11 to 13 May at the International Photo Expo, hosted by ImageNation. It is a new photo essay that lies on the edge of dreams, where the surreal meets the material. A series of timeless pictures, a call for contemplation, an invitation to leave a kind of rationality in order to reach imaginary landscapes which are inner and external landscapes at the same time.

Curated by Martin Vegas, the exhibition strives to create a balance between dream and reality exploring the ways in which they are revealing their own moods and intimacy. Ethereal invites you to enter the visions of a collection of talented artists from 30 different countries, whose photographs are regularly exhibited and notably showcased in the most important photo events.

Together with...

Brooke Shaden Laura Zalenga Marketa Novak Matthieu Soudet Dmitry Rogozhkin Ruslan Bolgov ehran Djojan Manon Clavelier Alice de Kruijs Montserrat Diaz Giuseppe La Spada Michal Zahornacky Cristina Ramos Ted Chin Ana Lora Alba Gesti Eivind Hamran Iness Rychlik Lika Brutyan Herr Merzi Elisa Paci Fang Tong Taysa Jorge Torrance Hall Tasos Anestis Sharon Covert Elizabeth Gadd Salvo Bombara Mirna Pavlovic Helen Warner Magali Chesnel Sandra Cuellar Anna Monroe Ilona Flores Iria Castro Esthaem Hengki Lee Simona Forte Kindra Nikole Igor Vitomirov Katharina Jung Lauren Zaknoun Dmytro Sobokar Alessandro Obinu Alessandro Carleschi Mohammad Sorkhabi Natascha van Niekerk Siegart von Schlichting

Lara Zankoul Flora Borsi Bella Kotak Hajime Yoshida Jovana Rikalo Greta Larosa Louis Dazy Mitar Terzic Camila Falquez Michele Maglio Lei Davis Anya Anti William Ye Lee Chee Wai Tobias Delcroix Mikhail Potapov Shelby Robinson Francis Willmann Simon McCheung Benedetta Boveri Sisters of the Woods Alessandro Carleschi

Sadly, I will not be able to attend the opening, or visit the exhibition as it is a bit far for me to travel all the way from South Africa at the moment. So if you pop in to the exhibition, please please send me some photographs of the exhibition space!

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