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Emotional Rush

- Emotional Rush -

Emotion. Inspiration. Expression. These three words have great meaning for me. They are at the heart of why I create the art that I love. It is these words that I carry with me each time I create an image and they are what I want to be evident it each image I create.

Often it is an emotion that needs to be expressed that sparks the inspiration. Or sometimes it is the inspiration that invokes an emotion that needs to be expressed.

I wanted to capture what it sometimes feels like to express an emotion. Especially the powerful feeling of release and letting go that it provides. I wanted it to be dramatic and filled with a sense of movement that seemed to come from multiple sources. I specifically chose colours and tones that would bring this vision to life. Adding the birds to the scene were to further the sense of movement/shift and release.

- Emotional Turmoil -

These images were created on location in a random field along the roadside outside Holcombe in the UK during my Europe travels. While out on location and in the middle of capturing the required images, it started pouring with rain! I really had to scramble to get the images I needed, which I feel really added to the drama of the poses and mood of the images.

- Before & after processing video -

I had originally planned to capture three images in this set, but by the time I started capturing the third image, I was completely soaked, with my dress clinging to me. Those might make a different kind of image at some point, but it did not match what I wanted to create with this set. I was also getting worried about my unprotected camera. A big thank you to my cousin, who was assisting me, for trying her best to protect my camera from the rain.

On some of the images I used to create these composites, the rain drops were visible and almost ruined the possibility of being able to complete these images. But, I have a small confession to make. I sometimes take much longer to edit an image than is necessary, simply because I love the process so much. So when I had to painstakingly clone out raindrops for certain sections I used to create the composite, I did so with a little smile of my face :)

This was one of those instances that I had to make do the best I could with what I had captured, or loose the session completely. This was the second time I had been at that field to create these images, but the first time the sun started shining and was far too bright and not the mood I was wanting to capture. I could not go back to that field as I was leaving the next day. Besides, I absolutely loved what I had captured!

A sample of some to the cloning I had to do to get rid of all the raindrops to some sections I used in the composite. Thank goodness for my trusty Wacom though for making the editing a breeze!

Assistant: Celeste Introna Purdie

A big thank you to my darling cousin, Celeste Introna Purdie, for the assistance and the fun adventure around the English countryside.

Tripod: Rob Elliott

Special thanks to Rob Elliott for the use of his tripod while I visited Holcombe in the UK.

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