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What makes you feel connected?

What places, experiences or people make you feel connected?

More importantly, are you connected to yourself?

This image was created on location in Glastonbury by the Glastonbury Tor in the UK during my 2016 Europe travels.

Before I created this image, I sat on the slope near the Tor and... well, meditated - I guess is the best word to describe it - for about an hour. It was rather cold up there and the wind was whipping my hair around my face. So many powerful emotions filled my soul. I felt the deepest sadness, that the tears streamed down my face. I also felt such incredible light and joy. A moment of complete vulnerability, yet I felt truly connected to myself.

I guess the legends about the magic surrounding the Glastonbury Tor are true. It does hold powerful magic.

Disconnected | Connected

While I was putting together this blog post I realized that I have an image in my portfolio called "Disconnected". This was purely by accident, yet these images work well together. Re-reading the blog post I wrote then, really made touched me. I am grateful for this journey of connection.

The things that excite you are not random.

They are connected to your purpose.

Follow them.

Before & after processing video...

The Glastonbury Tor, a magical place filled with legend and mystery...

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