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Chasing Butterflies: Enchanted Journey

Typically when I create an image, I am inspired by the story or concept long before I even reach the location. Other times, I am inspired in the moment while out on location. Either the mood of the environment has triggered an emotion, or the circumstances inspires the story...

In the case of this image, I captured it "just because"! I had already created a number of images that day. In fact, I had created a record (for me) number of images in one day. My cousin, who modeled for me for two images, also assisted me in creating several other images in two different locations while I was visiting in the UK. I did not have anything specific in mind when I set up for this image, other than I was at an awesome castle location and had some extra time and the light was good. I was actually a bit tired and so just created it without much thought. I only snapped maybe a dozen photographs in total, including those need to expand the frame into a square. Yet, when I downloaded the photographs I saw a story that felt free and happy and enchanted...

"What enchants you? Seek it out..."

- Before & after processing video -

Assistant: Celeste Introna Purdie

A big thank you to my darling cousin, Celeste Introna Purdie, for the assistance and the fun adventure around the English countryside.

Tripod: Rob Elliott

Special thanks to Rob Elliott for the use of his tripod while I visited Holcombe in the UK. It really made so much more possible!

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