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Presentation: Cape Town Photographic Society - 16 August 2017

I am very honoured and super excited to be presenting "An Introduction to Conceptual Fine Art Photography" at an upcoming Education and Development evening for the Cape Town Photographic Society.

All Cape Town locals are invited to attend :)

Cape Town Photographic Society

16 August 2017


All welcome. No charge.

The agenda for the evening will be as follows:

1. Introduction

2. My Photographic Journey

3. Before & After Examples

4. Q&A


5. My favourite Photoshop Tools and how I use them

6. An in-depth look at a Photoshop file (.PSD) for a composited

image (time permitting)

7. Q&A

The agenda starts with a brief introduction to my work and what it means to me. I will also share my photographic journey and how my work over the years has impacted the work I now produce.

I will then share and discuss many before & after examples. When my journey led me to conceptual fine art photography, it was seeing the before & after examples of others that really inspired my fascination with the challenge and endless possibilities of editing. By sharing and discussing my "Before & After" gallery, it is my goal to inspire everybody present, regardless of the genre they prefer or their photography/Photoshop level. For those not very familiar with Photoshop, I hope to inspire by what is possible so that they can go seek further knowledge. And for those who are already familiar with Photoshop, to perhaps consider different ways of using Photoshop.

After the break I will do a presentation on my favourite Photoshop tools and how I use them, sharing many tips and tricks. Time permitting, I will also go through one of my .PSD files in Photoshop, breaking it down in layers and demonstrating some of the tools and techniques I use.

There will be many opportunities to ask questions, both during the presentation or after each section. If there are any specific questions you would like me to answer, please let me know :)

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