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Fight or Flight

I created this image on the Palladian Bridge at the Prior Park Landscape Garden in Bath, UK during my 2016 Europe travels. Although I mainly focused on creating images for my “Chasing Butterflies” series during my trip, there were some that had their own story.

I was inspired to create this image mainly because of the angle I captured it at. When I travel, I use a GorillaPod instead of a full sized tripod. The GorillaPod is really great for travel as it is lightweight and compact, but does tend to be somewhat restrictive as it does not extend in height as a full tripod does. As the GorillaPod only extends to 29cm, one needs to get rather creative in how one sets up to capture an image. One can gain some extra height by setting it up on a rock, or bench, or tree, or even balancing it on top of my backpack. For this image I took its low height as an idea and pushed it even further by placing it a few steps lower than it needed to be. This made the pose look more powerful and dramatic, creating a story that felt close to my heart…

"Fight or Flight? But all I have ever wanted was to soar..."

FEAR has two meanings:

'Forget Everything And Run'


'Face Everything And Rise'

Before & after processing video...

The beautiful Palladian Bridge at the Prior Park Landscape Garden in Bath, UK...

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