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Chasing Butterflies: The Conjurer of Three Spells

Model: Celeste Introna Purdie

I have done some fun things in Photoshop. I have built a house for my image “Hope Prevails”, I have built a mountain for my image “Elvin Majesty”, I have attached two heads to my body for my image “Past vs Future” and I have created a royal crown from a lamppost for my image “Queen of Her Own Kingdom”. For this new image I renovated a medieval castle! Take a look at the “before and after” processing video below to see what I mean :)

I wanted to create something rather special for my cousin who modeled for me for this image. As I started sorting and making preparations to begin working on this image, I asked my cousin two questions, i.e. what was her favourite colour and what number held special meaning to her. Her answers were the colour “blue” and the number “three”. These answers provided the final spark of inspiration I needed to know exactly what story was waiting to be created…

The dress my cousin is wearing is the wedding dress she wore in a ceremony to celebrate her 10th wedding anniversary with her husband. The number “three” represents their three children. I wanted this very special detail to be echoed in the image and therefore used three butterflies to represent her three children - her spells. I echoed this further by “renovating” the background to include three windows, which adds a wonderful symmetry to the image.

"The Conjurer of Three Spells" is the 7th image in my “Chasing Butterflies” series. I find butterflies to be very powerful symbols with which to tell a story or convey emotions. Join me on my journey as I chase hopes, dreams, change, beauty, quiet, flight, emotions and more… This image explores the magic.

I had so much fun creating this image for my cousin that I decided to add a bonus image below to the series called "The Conjourer".

Tripod: Rob Elliott

Special thanks to Rob Elliott for the use of his tripod while I visited Holcombe in the UK. It really made so much more possible!

- The rest of the "Chasing Butterflies" series so far -

Although I really love to photograph beauty portraits, I do not get the chance to do them very often. So when I do, it is very special for me. While I was visiting my cousin in the UK, we took a break from exploring medieval castles and did a portrait session...

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