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Chasing Butterflies: Fluttering Sounds

I have always felt that music is the most powerful of all art forms. I wish I had the talent for creating music. Although I have tried on many occasions, creating music is not one of the talents I possess. But it remains the most powerful means of expression and a massive part of my life. We all have that internal soundtrack...

"Music is what emotions sound like..."

- Unknown

"Music can change the world because it can change people."

- Bono

- Before & after processing video...

"Fluttering Sounds" is the 6th image in my “Chasing Butterflies” series. I find butterflies to be very powerful symbols with which to tell a story or convey emotions. Join me on my journey as I chase hopes, dreams, change, beauty, quiet, flight, emotions and more… This image explores the joy.

Assistant: Celeste Introna Purdie

A big thank you to my darling cousin, Celeste Introna Purdie, for the assistance and the fun adventure around the English countryside.

Prop: Isobel Purdie

Thank you to my little cousin Isobel Purdie, for letting me use her guitar as a prop :)

Tripod: Rob Elliott

Special thanks to Rob Elliott for the use of his tripod while I visited Holcombe in the UK. It really made so much more possible!

- The "Chasing Butterflies" series so far -

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