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Memories that Haunt

I do not typically go back into my image folders and edit further images once I have released an image. Especially if I created the image intended as a single image. But I was recently drawn back to the folder for my image "Memories" on the 4th anniversary of my farther's passing. I had shared a blog post about the dedication and inspiration behind that image.

While browsing through the images in that folder, the expression on my face on this variation really stuck with me. I recently suffered yet another very sad loss, one that hurts me too much still to share. Creating this new image, from this old set of images, comforted me...

My work has always been a way for me to heal the heartbreak and a way to celebrate the joy. For now I desperately need to heal the heartbreak. As always, I am so grateful for the process of creating and for this space.

Memories (2013) | Memories that Haunt (2017)

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