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Chasing Butterflies: The Rescue

I have been itching to edit this image ever since I photographed it in September 2016 while I was visiting my cousin in the UK. I had spotted this abandoned ruin in the middle of a field while we were driving aroundin my cousin’s hometown village of Holcombe. I immediately listed it as one of the locations I wanted to use while I was visiting. I also had the perfect image in mind that I wanted to create in this space. Unfortunately, the image I originally had in mind did not work as I just could not seem to hit the pose I wanted. But while there I was inspired by my surroundings to create something else…

"A woman becomes entangled in the ruined and abandoned environment she was exploring. Despite being cut off at the roots, the branches still held a power within them and they started to take hold of the woman. She is rescued by an army of butterflies, that bring magic and healing..."

The story of this woman felt very personal to me as it relates back to what lead me to create conceptual fine art photography. I became entangled in my emotions. The healing magic of inspiration and creating is what rescued me...

Emotion | Inspiration | Expression

- Before & after processing video...

"The Rescue" is the 5th image in my “Chasing Butterflies” series and the first of the images that were created while I was traveling overseas. So much more to come and I am so excited to continue working and building this series :) :)

Assistant: Celeste Introna Purdie

A big thank you to my darling cousin, Celeste Introna Purdie, for the assistance and for helping me bring this story to life.

Tripod: Rob Elliott

Special thanks to Rob Elliott for the use of his tripod while I visited Holcombe in the UK. It really made so much more possible!

- The rest of the "Chasing Butterflies" series so far -

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