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Publication: Stubborn Magazine “The Danger Issue”

I am a little late in sharing this, but to save a chunk of money shipping directly to me all the way in South Africa, I sent my order via my dear cousin in the UK. So although I had to wait so long for it to arrive via snail-mail, I am super excited to share that one of my favourite images, "Shelter in any Storm", was published in Stubborn Magazine's "The Danger Issue".

Stubborn Magazine inspires and promotes undiscovered stubborn artists. As of January 2017 they have published over 200 artists from 35 different countries!

I was pondering how I would share this publication and well, I just could not resist a good excuse to put on one of my prop dresses! Feeling inspired and had some fun :)

To find out more about Stubborn Magazine, or to download/order copies of their magazines, visit their website:

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