Chasing Butterflies: Last Minute Rush

Every time I travel, I promise myself I am not going to get into a flat panic the last 24 hours before departure. Yeah right ;) :) My latest trip was the worst yet! This despite the fact that I was actually way more proactive in my preparations and started planning well in advance. But I had been super busy in the months before leaving, with a ton of work to finalize. At least I had an awesome flight and got lots of sleep on the plane. There is always next time to get it right ;)

This image was created late August 2016, a few days before departing on a month and a half of travel through Europe. It celebrates the excitement and adventure of travel, with a dash of chaos.

- Before & after processing video...

I am thrilled to introduce this image as the 4th image in my “Chasing Butterflies” series. The next images (all except the last one) in this series have been created while traveling. I cannot wait to get started sorting, editing and sharing. Watch this space!

- The "Chasing Butterflies" series so far...

"Gathering of the Army" | "The Visitor" | "The Chaos" | "Last Minute Rush"

Assistant: Natascha van Niekerk

A big thank you to my dear friend, Natascha van Niekerk, for the assistance and the fun day out hiking, exploring and making coffee on the beach.

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