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Free Content: Cloud Stock #3

As a small "thank you" for sharing in my artistic journey over the last year, I am sharing another set of 9 cloud stock images at high res.

These can be used to add clouds/sky into composites, used as overlays, or simply enjoyed as cloud porn :) :) These are free to use. Credit is not necessary, but always welcome. Not for resale. Enjoy!

I am so grateful to live where I can see the horizon line and have a beautiful view of the ocean. It has become somewhat of a daily ritual to stop for a few moment every day and watch the sky, particularly at sunset. I have built up quite a library of cloud/sky stock as a result and as a small token of gratitude I love to share some of my favourites with you.

This latest download, along with a few others, can be found on the “Free Content” page on my website.

Love & Light


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