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Publication: Beauty of Motion 2016

It is always an honour to see ones work in print, whether as fine art prints or in publications. It just never gets old :)

Some months back I posted on my social media platforms that my image “The Spaces Between” had been selected as one of 24 images chosen to be shortlisted for the “Beauty of Motion 2016” competition hosted by Get Inspired Magazine. After the competition, the images from all 24 shortlisted finalists were compiled into a beautiful photo book. The digital edition is available free for download, or it can be ordered as a print-on-demand version and shipped worldwide.

While traveling in the UK recently, I collected my copy of the “Beauty of Motion 2016” photo book. The printed edition is of an excellent quality and I am thrilled to own a copy! Seeing my image “The Spaces Between” in print always reminds me that sometimes it is worth taking a risk, even when you think there is no hope.

“The Spaces Between” has time and again been a favourite in my portfolio, yet it is an image I almost nearly did not bother to process. Creating it on location was such a disaster that I had written it off as I assumed it was a total flop. Then late one night I could not sleep, so I looked for something to play around with in Photoshop and decided to take a chance with this image.

Yet again with entering the “Beauty of Motion” competition… I entered the competition in the last day or so it was open for submissions. I knew about the competition for some time, but just figured I would not stand a chance of being selected and so kept putting off entering. Until I decided to just take a chance anyway and well, you know the rest… :)

To find out more about Get Inspired Magazine, or to download/order copies of their magazines and books, visit their website:

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