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Europe 2016: Dreams and Locations

Wow, what a trip! Filled with many wonderful memories, much creating, even more creating, many ticks off my dream-list, and the inevitable few minor lows that occur while traveling…

This has been one of the longest trips I have been on. I usually only travel for about a month at a time, but when finished, this trip will be over a month and a half. As I no longer have a work schedule with an employer to maintain, I had more freedom to take a little extra time. Traveling can sometimes be “hard work” and so I wanted to be sure not to feel rushed, taking enough time to just enjoy the experiences and visit with family along the way.

I am so incredibly excited to start sorting and processing images! My processing to-do folders are stuffed full with potential images :) :) I have taken just over 100GB of photographs so far. Much of these are the usual travel photographs, many more are potential images for my fine art portfolio along with the bits and pieces that are needed to create these, and some are stock images to keep for possible later use in images.

I have lost count on the number of images I have attempted to create on this trip. I am sure many of the images will go no further than files stored on my hard drive, but the memory and total bliss of creating these images in the moment is something I will treasure forever.

When I travel, I am drawn to places with medieval castles, ancient ruins and magical gardens. These are the types of locations I dream about for my images. Here are some of the magical and inspiring spaces/locations I was able to create in…

Yes, many of these locations meant I got some very strange

looks from passer-by’s... But hey, who cares ;)

- Stourhead, near Wiltshire, England -

- Loch Ness Islands, Inverness, Scotland -

- Valle delle Ferriere, Amalfi, Italy -

- Nunney Castle, Somerset, England -

- Glastonbury Tor, Glastonbury, England -

- Necropolis, Glasgow, Scotland -

- Prior Park, Bath, England -

- Glastonbury Abbey, Glastonbury, England -

- Abandoned ruin in the middle of a field in Holcombe, Somerset, England -

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