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When Fairytales Become Real

As I am excitedly on route for a month and a half of travel in Europe, I thought it appropriate to share another image from my 2014 Europe trip.

I created this image because it felt like a scene from one of my childhood storybooks come to life… And what better reason is there to create :)

Chase your dreams. Chase your fairytales.

Yes, I still have my copy of Sleeping Beauty. Along with my copies of Cinderella and Snow White. Wonderful sources of inspiration.

Created at the medieval Donnington Castle near Newbury in the UK. The same location I created "Fortress of Emotions".

In the upcoming weeks I will be sharing more about a series I will be working on during my travels. I have already photographed the bits to create 3 images in the series, which form part of the introduction. So excited to share more with you all soon!

- Before & After

- The rest of the collection so far of images created on my 2014 trip…

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