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A Place to Call Home

Model: Live Lundemo

I am very blessed to have many beautiful souls in my life that support and encourage my journey as an artist. My friend here is one such special soul. She has also modeled for me on many different occasions and for many different genres, from rock climbing photography to fine art photography. She has also accompanied and assisted me on many different photographic adventures. Each adventure a special memory.

I took this image in 2014 during my friend’s annual visit to South Africa, just before she left to go back home to Norway. Having lived in South Africa for a number of years, she has left a piece of her heart here and this will always be a special home for her... This image captures that spirit.

- Before & after processing video...

It seems to have become somewhat of a tradition for us to do a shoot when my friend is visiting. This year during her most recent visit, we decided to do a portrait session to celebrate my new studio!

- Here are a few of my favourite images from our session...

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