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An Artist's Greatest Reward

One of the greatest rewards for me as an artist is for people to see their own stories in my work – whether that story is real or a story they were inspired to create.

Chef Julia Hattingh from the Reverie Social Table restaurant, who kindly hosted a 6 month solo exhibition of my work, recently shared the details of a very special print sale with me. One of the guests at her restaurant purchased three of my images, but it was the process of deciding which images to purchase that made this so special to me.

Part of what makes Reverie Social Table so special is that the restaurant is a table d’hôte style eatery. The focus is on social dining, where guests are invited to sit around one large 18-seater table and engage with one another – strangers and friends alike.

One evening the restaurant guests took most of my images down from the walls, laid them all out on the table and rearranged them until stories began to form – becoming a real social activity around the table. A love story was devised between my images: "Tap Dance", "The Forces" and "The Spaces Between". These images were then purchased as a set by one of the guests. The strangest of all is that the story she made up was not very far from my story of what inspired me to create them in the first place.

What story do you see in these three images? I think perhaps a forth image also belongs to this story. Which image would you add as a forth to the collection?

My heart is grateful and happy...

To the kind patron who purchased these three images: Please get in touch with me either via the contact form on my website, or via a message on my Facebook page. There is a little something I would like to send you.

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