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F*ck Cancer

I found myself being incredibly moved and saddened by the death of David Bowie. Not only as a fan, but it seemed to hit a nerve on a number of different levels for me. Having lost both my father and brother in 2013 due to cancer, his death also hit very close to home. So yeah, F*ck Cancer.

I cannot seem to get the new album, Blackstar and the story behind its release as David Bowie’s parting gift, out of my mind. The music video to Lazarus is so powerful and profound – so wonderfully strange and deeply conceptual. And like in so many instances when I am so completely moved, I turn my thoughts into inspiration and express my emotions through my work.

This image is of course inspired by the brilliant creation of David Bowie’s Blackstar. I do not feel it is an image I would include as part of my portfolio, but it was something I felt needed to be created to still my heart and mind. Thank you for letting me share it here.

The creation of this image also taught me a valuable lesson in trusting myself and instincts more. I reshot this image 3 times over a few days – each time just overthinking it. Yet, in the end I kept coming back to the starting point and decided to process an image from the first batch of images I created. The rawness of the emotions in this image trumped the technical faults. Sometimes that is far more important.

RIP David Bowie.


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