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Change & Death

There are two certainties in life: Change & Death

A couple of years ago I met someone with the words “Change & Death” tattooed on his leg. We had an interesting conversation about the significance of this tattoo - the meaning of which always stuck with me. It is the inspiration for this image. Everything about this image is about change and death…

I have never dealt with death directly in any of my images. I am usually more intrigued by the emotions that surround death. The emotions as a result of death, loss and sadness have often been what has inspired me to express my emotions through my images. In this case though, I am dealing with death directly. The little Gecko I used on my back is dead.

I am blessed to live in an area where my garden has many wild and wonderful little creatures and bugs. From butterflies to baboons, from snakes to spiders, troops of guinea fowls and geckos on the kitchen window catching moths, entertaining me while I wash dishes in the evenings.

Sadly though, I sometimes find these little creatures have died. Birds caught by the neighbor’s cat, butterflies caught in a spider’s web and this Gecko found dead on my deck one morning. Yet even in death, it was so perfect. I created some stock images of the Gecko and then buried it in my garden.

Death is change and change is death. Death does not just have a mortal sense – it is also the ending of something, which in turn allows the start of something else. With change/death comes new possibilities. One door closes and another opens. New opportunities. Rebirth. That does not mean one cannot mourn death or the loss of something. That does not mean that change cannot be scary. Honour the losses and changes that scare you, but know that beauty and wonder await for those prepared to find and see it.

Everything about the creation of this image was changed for me, from the process of creating it to the colouring I used in the final product. Some time ago I blogged about many changes that were taking place in my life and I shared my new studio space with you. This is the first image I have created in my new little studio. It is also a change from creating images in an outdoor setting. It signals a change in my career and focus in life. It is not the end of things I have created in the past. It is a birth of new and exciting things to come. New possibilities. Even though some of these possibilities come from great sadness and loss, bringing much change, it is now the time of hope.

It is also the first image I have created for my portfolio on my new computer, with my new Wacom tablet. I am not really sure why I waited so long to get myself a Wacom tablet – I had made the decision over a year ago to get myself one after a friend let me test drive his, but only recently bought it. It has been a wonderful tool and I have loved using it. I am luckily very comfortable with new technology and software, so I unplugged my mouse and have been happily using it ever since. But more than just signaling a new and wonderful tool, it feels to me like a massive signal and commitment to my craft.

There were two other changes that were at the back of my mind as I created this image: I processed it on the eve of the solstice, signaling the change of seasons and I am releasing it as the change from 2015 to 2016 is just a few days away...

Some things that did not change was that I still created my usual before and after processing video…

I have made the stock image that I used of the Gecko available as a free download so that you can create your own art with it. You can download it from the “Free Content” page on my website. All the stock files I have made available are free to use. Credit is not necessary, but always welcome. Not for resale. Enjoy :)

I also used my stock image to create another image for my “Mysterious” series, called “Mysterious Death”.

The full “Mysterious” series…

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