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Touching Yesterday

Usually at this time of the year I am traveling overseas. This year I am not travelling, but this is for good reason as I am making some of my other dreams come true

So feeling rather nostalgic for traveling, I decided to process one of the images waiting in my files from my 2014 Europe trip. I took this image almost exactly one year ago at the Waverley Abbey ruins in the UK. I took it on the same day and at the same location as my image “Déjà Vu”.

Travel has become an important part of my life and it is my mission to continue to travel every year. When I travel, it is the ruins and castles I love to explore the most. In my images I also get to travel to another time. I have always seemed to have a deep connection to the past and for this reason most of my images come from an older time. The idea of connecting, or touching, the past was the inspiration behind this image. Before we headed out to the location, I was looking it up online and the beautiful archways inspired me to use levitation to create a floating dreamy mood – like floating back in time.

I had initially intended for “Déjà Vu” and this image to eventually become a set and process them in a similar way. That did not quite work out that way and you will see in the before & after video that in the last step I decided to convert the image to B&W. Somehow colour was just not working and yet in B&W it seemed to come alive. I love it when an image just seems to take on its own dimension. I do not have many B&W images in my portfolio, so I am quite happy with the path it chose.

Some photographs of the Waverley Abbey ruins...

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