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The Queen

This weekend we celebrated Woman’s Day here in South Africa. Luckily for us, this meant a long weekend :)

In celebration of Woman’s Day, I thought I would share an image of a woman I greatly love and admire. I have photographed her a number of times for my portfolio and she has an amazing regal, majestic quality about her. Here she is “The Queen” and this images forms part of my series of magical and mystical characters.

When I sent my friend a copy of the image over the weekend, we had the following text conversation:

D: Oh wow! That is amazing! I can’t believe that’s me :)

Me: You look so beautiful :):)

D: You helped make me look that beautiful x

Me: That’s my job! But can only work with what is already there…

… you see, I believe you are a work of art. I believe we are all a work of art. We are all unique. We are all beautiful. We all hold a special and magical character inside ourselves. It is my greatest joy and gift to capture that character in an image and bring it to life in a piece of art.

You can read more about this in my blog post #youareaworkofART.

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