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Exhibition: ArtMode 3rd Edition

Check out the review posted by Lee-Anne Rodrigues on the website. I am very honoured to be included as one of the highlights mentioned in the article and totally amused at being referred to as a gothic photographer.

Although holding an exhibition by candlelight was not the original plan, but enforced for over 2 hours due to load shedding, it certainly seemed to create a mood that encouraged even more interaction and conversation between visitors and artists.

One of my favourite things about exhibitions is that one gets to interact in person with your audience. Seeing which images they are drawn to, hearing which concepts resonate with them and hearing their interpretations. One image that seemed to stand out was my image “Flight Call”. So many visitors either pointed or stared at it for quite some time, pulling it out of the pile of prints, many asked questions about how it was created and discussed the message behind the image. Coincidentally, I was wearing the same dress to the event that I wore in the image!

So much work went into the preparations for ArtMode. I spend many late nights signing, editioning and packing prints. Figuring out how I was going to setup and figuring out a suitable workflow. I was well rewarded with an experience filled with much learning and possibilities – ever evolving and growing. For this I am eternally grateful.

- Some of the props used in a few of my images included in my exhibition display...

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