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ArtMode, 24 July 2015

Cape Town locals… come join at ArtMode on Friday, 24 July!

Visit the ArtMode events page on Facebook for more details.

I am so excited (and a little nervous!) to be part of this awesome experience alongside my gallery representative Knobs & Tassels.

I will be exhibiting and selling fine art prints and postcards from my portfolio, so much preparation work coming up in the next few days.

- Prints, prints... Lots of prints to prepare...

ArtMode is supported by the World Design Capital and joins together multiple genres of art and music, showcasing the top talents across South Africa. Whether it is a live performance taking the imagination to the furthest boundaries, hypnotic electronic beats setting the mood, interpretative dance expressing the range of emotion through movement or contemporary art forms that go beyond the typical forms of art as we know it, ArtMode moves the boundaries of artistic expression. Artwork will also be on display at the pop-up gallery on Saturday 25th of July. So pop in at the market for some Saturday morning art shopping and come say hello :)

- ArtMode 2014: check out all the fun and what you can expect -

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