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The Knight

- The Knight: Rise Against

When I shot “Shelter in Any Storm”, I also shot a small set of images for a series called “The Knight”. It will form part of a larger series consisting of various mystical and magical characters. The next in this larger series will be “The Warrior”. Then there are plans in the works for “The Magician”, “The Highlander” and many, many more…

Hennie Lombard, my friend and fellow photographer (Cadmus – Photographic studio and Photo-Haus), who’s dashing good looks and personality suited my character for this set perfectly, had been threatening for some time that he was going to shave his beautiful long hair. He kindly held off for a few weeks so that we could complete The Knight series. Thanks dude!

- The Knight: A Song for Tomorrow

My vision when shooting these images was that, particularly due to the minimalistic environment, I wanted to vary up the look of each of the images in the series in post– yet still keeping a distinct feeling across them to bind them together. I often vary the mood of an image in post by adding my favourite element to an image, which is a dramatic sky. I spend much time in post choosing the perfect sky to add as this can easily change the mood of an image. For this series, I used some of the cloud stock I recently made available on the “Free Content” page on my website.

- The Knight: A Quest

One thing that did surprise me in post was presenting one of the images in black and white. It was something I rarely do for my fine art work and yet as soon as I saw the results, I knew I had hit the spot. I just love it when that happens!

The good news is that Hennie now looks like a whole new character with his shaven head, so I hope to get him back in front of my camera again soon :)

- Before & Afters and Behind the Scenes video...

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