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Free Content: Cloud Stock #2

I have made another set of 9 cloud stock images at high res available. You can download these from the “Free Content” page on my website. These are free to use. Credit is not necessary, but always welcome. Not for resale. Enjoy :)

In my blog post “Free Content: Cloud Stock #1” of 18 May, I mentioned that I shoot knowing I will be dropping a dramatic sky into the image and plan my composition specially around this. Typically this means that I will either shoot from a lower angle, or choose a location with a clear view of the sky. That way when I do extend into the sky, the proportions and angles make sense.

When I add a dramatic sky into my images in Photoshop, I almost always do this by blending the sky into the image by adding it as a separate layer and then “Set the blending mode for the layer”. My favourite mode to blend sky/clouds in my images is “Multiply”.

I have used “Multiply” mode 99% of the time, but it is certainly not the only mode I have ever used. Play around with the various options as you will have loads of fun with the various options.

Once I have added the sky/clouds and blended those into the image, I then also usually add a layer mask. Using the brush tool on black I will then remove the sky from areas in the image I do not want them to cover or blend.

Please share your favourite images where you have added sky/clouds to an image. I would love to see <3

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