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Free Content: Cloud Stock #1

What are your favourite elements that you love to include in most of your images?

For me it is a dramatic sky and movement. I love adding these elements to my images – almost all my images have one or both of these and it has very much become part of my style. I feel these add an intensity and drama that I love to convey through my work. I was speaking with my very serious German friend recently and we came to the conclusion that it is because of my Italian heritage that I love intensity and drama :)

I shoot specifically knowing I will be dropping a dramatic sky into the image and plan the composition specially around this element. When I work on an image in Photoshop, part of my process is to choose the perfect sky to use. I never quite get started on the image until I know what mood the sky will be adding to the final image.

I am very blessed to live where I can see the horizon line and have an unobstructed view of the sunset. So whether at home or out and about, I am always shooting various bits of stock, especially cloud stock. I have built up quite a library of stock as a result and thought I would share some of these with you!

I have created a “Free Content” page on my website. I will be adding various bits of free content from time to time to this page. Many of these will be cloud stock and various other bits of stock images. These are free to use. Credit is not necessary, but always welcome. Not for resale.

First up is a set of 9 cloud stock images at high res. Share links if you use some of these as I would love to see them in use. Enjoy!

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