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I believe you are a work of art. I believe we are all a work of art. We are all unique. We are all beautiful. We all hold a special and magical character inside ourselves. It is my greatest joy and gift to capture that character in an image and bring it to life in a piece of art.

Since I started my journey into fine art conceptual portraiture, I have been approached by a number of prospective clients wanting images done in the style of my fine art conceptual images. But these were clients and they did not have a particular concept in mind, they just wanted to escape into the magical and whimsical world I create through my images. I was a bit hesitant at first of approaching such images. For me it is all about the concept and conveying an emotion – this is what inspires and drives me to create. After some pondering though I decided to experiment a bit nonetheless and soon realised that although these images are not conceptual, they were certainly rich with story. Stories of the unique characters inside each of us.

Recently one of my friends wanted a day of escape for herself and another friend, and so she booked a day of photo shoots for them with me. We had a great afternoon taking some studio style glamour portraits and then went to the beach at sunset to shoot for their fine art story images. Through spending some time with each of them that afternoon while shooting their portraits, I connected with their inner characters and this inspired the art I would create for each of them.

I absolutely loved working on these images and seeing them come to life. I have done a few of these now and I am grateful to my two friends for allowing me share theirs here with you… I present “The Goddess” and “The Earth Child” <3

- The Goddess

- The Earth Child

- The perfect way to end off a shoot... our view as we were walking out.

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