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What the Future Holds

As always at this time of the year one starts to look ahead to next year and ponder what the future holds… May it bring love, light, laughter, peace, happiness, beauty and much inspiration to each one of you.

Where does most of your inspiration come from? For me, my biggest source of inspiration is my emotions. I am also constantly inspired by my environment and magical locations. Of course unusual props, sometimes just a colour and often a new prop dress find are also wonderful sources of inspiration for me.

Then sometimes inspiration will just hits me right out of the blue… like for this image. I was in one of my favourite prop dress shops the other day and I bumped into a friend from work who was buying a pair of vintage binoculars. Instant inspiration! It made me remember the old pair of binoculars that belonged to my Pops and I immediately saw two images I wanted to create with it. Add an early misty morning and the perfect location, and I was able to create the images in my head/heart. Not sure I will process the other image in this set, but this particular image just felt right.

As per usual, I created a small “before & after” video of all the stages while editing this image. I hope you enjoy :)

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