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Exhibition Review: Landscapes of the Soul

Opening our “Landscapes of the Soul” exhibition on 22 October was a dream come true in so many ways… A journey of belief and having the courage to ask.

“Landscapes of the Soul” was the 5th exhibition hosted as a collective together with Claire Gunn Photography and Natascha van Niekerk Photography. Accepted as a part of The Cape Town Month of Photography (MOP) initiative. Months in the making, with much work, planning and putting our hearts on the line.

I was so touched by each of my friends that were able to attend the opening and for those who sent wishes. It was also wonderful to meet so many new faces! An evening surrounded by the art of our hearts, the perfect venue, live music, laughter, bubbly and macarons ;)

Part of our mission as a collective is to support and inspire other local artists, as well as to bring the larger community of international artists together. For this reason we invited 4 other local artists and 3 international artists to exhibit alongside us. Bringing together world renowned artists and creating a magical fusion of talents with our own local artists.

Putting together this exhibition was a massive lesson in overcoming fears and simply asking... The most magical part is no matter what or who we asked, nobody said no.

Special thanks go to Studio22 for playing such a big part of each our journeys both individually and as a collective. Also for sponsoring our exhibition and allowing us to make it happen in a big way. Thank you for the wonderful service and for all the beautiful printing and framing.

Huge thanks to The Bello Studio for their support and going the extra mile in creating the perfect venue and mood for our exhibition and pop-up shop. As well as to The Tapas Bar for all the delicious and pretty treats to eat.

We were all very honoured to have world renowned artist, Lionel Smit, do the official opening our exhibition – on his birthday no less! Thank you so much Lionel.

Many thanks to Bramon Wines and Graham Beck for all wonderful the bubbly.

Plans are already brewing and underway for next year – going bigger and better! So watch this space <3

Event photography by the brilliant Claire Gunn Photography <3

You can view more images from the event on her Facebook album for the event...

Landscapes of the Soul - all of us represented...

1453461_818431921549387_5570300928874614491_n (1).jpg

Having to give the opening speech. Gulp!!


Lionel Smit opening our exhibition with an entertaining and insightful speech...


Me with some of my work...


The magical Claire Gunn...


The soulful Natascha van Niekerk...


Guests enjoying the free gifts...

1601476_818431731549406_3718157426483029721_n (1).jpg

Great vibe!


Marcél and Reinhardt - our amazing printers at Studio22!


Bubbly :)


Macarons :) :)


Yummy treats provided by The Tapas Bar...


Beautiful live music...


A very tired, but very very happy me :)

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