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Exhibition: Landscapes of the Soul

Together with the beautiful and inspiring Claire Gunn Photography and Natascha van Niekerk Photography, we will be hosting our 5th exhibition from 22 October (opening night) to 2 November. We are very excited to have this event accepted as a part of The Cape Town Month of Photography (MOP) initiative. Our theme being Landscapes of the Soul, a collection of fine art conceptual portraits.

So for those of you who are local, please join us on 22 October 2014 at 19:00 for the opening of our exhibition “Landscapes of the Soul” at the Bello Studio at the Old Biscuit Mill.

We all have a deep connection with the natural landscape, whether we are aware of it or not. Nature is a mirror, there to reflect the landscapes of the soul. If we experience distress, there is a stormy sea or a heavy downpour of rain that mimics those emotions. When we are content and quiet, we can see our hearts mirrored in the still waters of a lake. Our souls are continually drawn to our connection with nature and she aids us in dealing with our lives every day, and provides inspiration and the freedom to discover ourselves, and our place in her world.

This group exhibition showcases a variety of styles and techniques, and may differ in their individual interpretations, but at the core, they collectively illustrate the journey of expression. An image can explore complex human emotions and interactions in a simplistic, universal language that the natural world provides for us. It is the language of story, and it is accessible to everyone.

Part of our mission as a collective is to support and inspire other local artists. For this reason, we have invited 4 other local artists to exhibit alongside us at the exhibition. The artists to be included are Maajiedah Satardien, Gabriela Slegrova, Bernice Nelson and Morne Prinsloo.

We also feel that we have become part of a larger community of artists worldwide and have invited 3 international artists to each include an image. We are especially honoured and humbled to include the world renowned Brooke Shaden Photography (USA), as well as Amani Aalshali Photography (Dubai) and Rosie Anne Photography (Wales).

Feel free to share and invite others <3


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