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Finding my style...

One of the really big ah-ha moments for me on my creative journey was when I found my style. Or perhaps it found me. All of a sudden everything made so much sense. I had a clear direction and focus… and the inspiration just flowed.

I really wanted to push this further and apply my style to a few images that did not include a person, but that would be processed in my style and fit in my portfolio. I did this recently with a little series containing two images that I called “Mysterious Skies” and “Mysterious Depths”. Although neither of the images in this series were taken with the final product in mind – in fact, they were taken a few years apart and with very different equipment – but the focus on my style made the end vision possible.

If there is one thing I can share, then it is to encourage you to find your own style. Find it. Develop it. Grow with it.

Here is the Before & After for my image “Mysterious Skies”. This was such a big lesson for me and I hope that it inspires you…

B&A - MS (Large).jpg

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