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Blind Belief

“It's not if I believe in love If love believes in me” - U2

Inspired for very personal reasons by these lyrics from U2 <3

When I started self-portraiture, I would go on many solo missions to create and was rather shy about others observing me as I worked. Working with other photographers and models over the years though has helped me move past this and now I really enjoy dragging some of my friends out for a few missions. Of course these are usually accompanied by some snacks, some wine, a beautiful sunset or scenery and many laughs. And it helps to have some assistance to drag props and equipment to a location and setup. I will always value my solo missions as they have become a form of meditation for me, but part of the fun of creating some of my images was the fun I had with my friends behind the scenes.

For this image, I had my friend Bronwyn with me. As you can see from the behind the scenes image, it was a great help to have some extra hands to get my blindfold to co-operate in the breeze. For the rest there was Photoshop’s liquify tool ;)


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