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The Forces

The forces between good and evil. Between love and hate. Between letting go and holding on. The forces of nature. Gale force.

A simple image inspired to show that all you sometimes need to create an image is a strip of material and a gale force wind. Oh and some awesome friends who will run around sand dunes with you in some dodgy weather.

I find seeing before and after shots very inspiring and hence I like to share a few of mine from time to time. As you can see from this B&A, I did not need to do anything too drastic and I only used very basic tools in Photoshop. My process was pretty much the following:

  • Used the liquify tool to shape the strip of material into a dress and give my beautiful model her shape back that was hidden in the flaps of material. I also lengthened her hair slightly just to add some more drama.

  • Did a slight crop to get a better composition and then extended the frame upwards.

  • Dropped a more dramatic sky into the background. As you can see from the before image, the sky was already looking fantastic that day and I just used an image I took of the sky from that day.

  • Did various colour changes.

  • Added a texture.

B&A (Large).jpg

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