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For Mauro

Dedicated to my brother, Mauro Introna 1971.04.24 – 2013.08.29. A very emotional image. Every element in this image has special meaning, i.e. the colour of my dress, the prop, how I am holding the prop, the location, the sunset and the 2 birds flying overhead <3 My brother and I had a complicated relationship. The fact that we are both as stubborn as ever, both born under the Taurus star sign and both with the same Italian blood, it was always going to be a dangerous cocktail. But despite the sparks that flew around between us, I always had so much admiration and love for him. I would do just about anything for him – and he sure threw a few strange requests my way over the years. We also shared many other traits, such as: - A great love for the outdoors and being at our happiest when surrounded by nature; whether the sea, mountains or open fields. - A deep connection with animals, especially cats. - An interest and career surrounded by computers and the IT industry. - A proud love and association to our Italian heritage. - Over the last few years, I also joined his love of travel. - The fact that neither of us would allow a TV in our homes. Nor ever missing this particular annoyance in our lives. - And something I believe that we both learnt, particularly from our father, was to enjoy a life surrounded by simple, good pleasures. No flash and fanfare. We also had very similar taste in music – thankfully so, as we sure pumped up the music and raised the roof when we were kids. We enjoyed good music like Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Bob Marley – to name just a few. But a particular favourite was U2 – which we both discovered together way before they became mainstream. At the U2 Pop Mart concert years ago, he phoned me in the crowd and after some explanations we were able to spot and wave frantically to each other from across the stadium. I remember him being rather chuffed with himself for finding me. My brother was so brave. In hearing about his fate, he accepted it with great courage. He was satisfied in the belief that he had lived his life to the full and that he was content. I am sure there are very few of us that could say this. A great lesson to be learnt. Mauro, I am grateful for the chance to have connected again and for the quality time we got to spend together. It was humbling to have spent your last moments with you. May you go on many more adventures and continue to dive the oceans you loved. I will miss your challenges. Tell Pops I love him and I will love and miss you both every day... “Sleep Sleep tonight And may your dreams Be realized If the thundercloud Passes rain So let it rain Let it rain Rain on him” - U2

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