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Reconnecting with the Ocean

For the first portion of my childhood, I grew up in a seaside village. My fondest memories as a young child was of times spent on the beach. The one day friendships you would make with other kids for the day, taking the train with my brother to the neighbouring beaches to go play in the rock pools (quite something to travel about by train as two young children on our own – in those days it was safe to do so), swimming out to sea going far further than you were “allowed”, collecting sea shells… the sand in your hair and the taste of salt on your skin <3 In the last few months I have been spending much time reconnecting with the ocean again… It was always a belief as a young child that if you put a sea shell to your ear, you would hear the sound of the waves from where that shell came. To me, that always seemed like magic… PS: The shells used are all life sized. I did not alter them in Photoshop Special props I had at home… two were dived out by my brother and the one has been in our family for decades.

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