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"Pretty words are only lies."

I have always felt that music is the most powerful of all art forms. We all have that internal soundtrack...

I am an emotional music listener. I listen to music that matches my emotions. When I am happy and feeling confident, I ROCK IT UP and dance around the house. When I am angry, I listen to something heavier with lyrics that belt out a powerful anthem and pump it up LOUD. When I am sad I listen to something that focuses on lyrics. When I am feeling nostalgic, I tend to listen to soft instrumental music.

But over the last few weeks, music hurts. I have tried countless times to put on some music and it just hurts my soul. Nothing matches my emotions. Even conversation is painful. I surround myself with silence and hide from the world.

"Let me just lie here and listen to the waves

crash on the beach as the moon sets over the ocean.

Let it wash over me and take me away."

After creating "Discarded Things", I always knew I wanted to develop it into a series. I just did not realize at the time that it would take the turn it did...

- The rest of the "Discarded Series" -

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