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This image is from my 2013 collection. Although it is more of a personal image than an image for my portfolio, I shared it as part of my portfolio in 2013. I created it as a dedication to my father who passed away suddenly on 14 February 2013.

Today marks 4 years since my farther passed away. I wanted to share this image again as I have always found much healing through my work. This image is in honour and celebration of one of my favourite memories of my father from my early childhood…

One year my Pops dressed up as Father Christmas and brought me this monkey as my gift. An unusual gift perhaps, but I was immediately smitten. I tried to give Monkey a proper name, but Monkey was the only one that ever stuck. I did not have many toys as a kid, but I did have one or two “prettier” ones, yet Monkey was without a doubt my favourite. Unique and different – the toy I treasured the most. Monkey always had the prized position in my games and at night would fall asleep in my arms. Yes, that is a Band-Aid on Monkey’s face. As kids, my brother would torture Monkey and on a number of occasion he pulled off the eyes and nose – these had to be glued back every time, but this left terrible scars – which I tried to heal with a Band-Aid and lots of love. I remember that Christmas eve so clearly and for so many reasons this will always be my most favourite Christmas memory. Pops, I miss you every day. You are my true Valentine and the only man to ever deserve my heart…<3

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