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Book Cover: Następny świt (Another Dawn) by Sandra Brown - POLAND

The first time I saw a print of my image “In a Fleeting Moment”, I thought it would make a wonderful book cover. From thought and belief, to reality…

I am excited and honoured to share yet another book cover :) :) My image “In a Fleeting Moment” was used on the cover for the Polish edition of Another Dawn, i.e. Następny świt by Sandra Brown.

I love the crop they designer used for the cover. It made me look at my image in a totally different way. I find looking at book covers totally fascinating and inspiring. As a fine art photographer, I want tell stories and convey emotions with my images. The aim of a good book cover is to relay the book’s story in one image and entice the reader. There is certainly much to be learnt about storytelling from book covers.

Life is made up of a collection of fleeting moments. Remember those that make you feel something. Treasure those that make you happy. Hold the connections made with those that move you, closest to your heart…

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