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Giveaway 1 of 2: Postcard Packs

A little giveaway for fun! This is 1 of 2 giveaways I will be hosting :)

I had a batch of postcards printed some time ago and use them for various things like handing them out as freebies at exhibitions, marketing, sales, etc. They are a collection of snaps I have taken all around South Africa over many years… Some from around the garden, some from my many walks in the mountains, some from road trips across the country – many wonderful memories.

Recently I have had them sitting on my coffee table at home and have had great pleasure in handing little packs of postcards to family and friends who pop around for a visit. So I thought it would also be fun to send some of them to you, my wonderful friends from across the globe!

I will be giving away a couple of packs of postcards randomly. All you have to do is add a comment in this blog post and tell me where you are from :) :)

You can add more entries into the mix by hitting “like” on the "Postcard Giveaway" post and comment where you are from in my Instagram feed and/or on my Facebook page.

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