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Déjà Vu

“Déjà vu, from French, literally ‘already seen’, is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has been experienced in the past, regardless of whether it has actually happened.”

- Quote from Wiki.

I have been here before. Not physically here, but here in emotion. These emotions have been felt before – different and the same. The hurt yet again.

When I took this image the phrase “déjà vu” kept coming to mind – over and over in my head and heart. In many ways, my trip was an escape. I have done that before. It is one of the reasons I love to travel – to escape daily life and emotions. To come back stronger and renewed by the experience.

Emotions can be a powerful source of inspiration. Do not be afraid to reach to your emotions and to let them guide you to express them and to be inspired by them. Creating is healing.

I took this image in September during my 2014 Europe trip, at the Waverley Abbey ruins in the UK. The UK weather during my trip was a wonderful blend of misty mornings which were perfect for creating images in my favourite flat light and then clearing into wonderful clear(ish) days.

Thank you to my darling cousin and godson for the trip out to the ruins, for the behind the scenes assistance and for taking me prop dress shopping the day before.

I created a small “before & after” video (my 4th of these videos) of all the stages while editing this image. I hope my videos are useful and that you enjoy :) Also, some scenic photographs of the area around Waverley Abbey.

WaverleyAbbey1 .jpg

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