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Inner Power

Beautiful, confident, powerful and defiant despite the chains that bind. This image was created together with my image “Inner Strength”. Created in the same space (just from a different angle), with the same wardrobe (just a 2m scrap of material), using the same prop (just an old strip of chain found lying around in the garden shed) and with the same concept in mind. This image was created impromptu to “Inner Strength”, but we were inspired to highlight the fact that you don’t need much to create an image, or series of images… often all that is needed is the passion, commitment and excitement to create <3

I am blessed to know such amazing, beautiful and powerful women. This day was one of my favourites from the summer… Meeting my friends in the hills, hiking, skinny dipping in a glorious mountain dam, an afternoon of bouldering, creating some art and then heading home to cook supper together and crimp fridges ;)

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